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    Beautyblender Blotterazzi

    17th February 2017

    Happy Fri-yay!

    Phew February is flying by! Not only is this month going by super quickly I have managed to have another skincare crisis, that’s two in first few weeks of 2017! Last Saturday I woke up and my skin was literally on fire especially around my eyes. When I finally made it to the mirror the skin around my eyes was red and scaly! Not sure if it’s the new face wash I have been trying out or something a little more sinister , but I am super annoyed!!!

    Any way enough of that! I have put off writing this review for awhile now as I really wanted to love the Beautyblender Blotterazzi, but it will never replace a good ole blotting sheet for me.

    Now I’m a big fan of the Beautyblender sponges and use them every time I apply my makeup – which is really not that often – but the Blotterazzi just does not live up to the hype. I find that I have to press pretty hard and even then I am still left pretty oily compared to when I use a conventional blotting paper.

    So totally should have washed these before taking a picture!!!!!!!

    The Blotterazzi comes with two blotting sponges and in a pretty durable case with a good size mirror. Whilst I do like the mirror, the packaging is bulky and I would not bring it with me on a night out; who has space for a giant egg in there tiny clutch/ evening bag!? As well as the good size mirror the sheets are washable so you can keep using them till they fall apart, which is good with it being  £16.00!

    Such and odd shape! 

    For me the Blotterazzi works best when I have no make up on and in the winter when my skin is less oily – you can still fry something on my forehead tho! I keep the Blotterazzi  in my office draw and use it mid afternoon before I use a light mist to refresh my skin – damn aircon!

    Would I repurchase again? Probably not, as they just don’t cut the mustard in the spring/ summer months. I think if you only have a slightly oily T-zone the Blotterazzi could work for you; if you are as oily as me save your coins and your face from the abuse!

    Thanks for reading!

    Sach x





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